FLP Alumni

Who are the FLP alumni?

They are community leaders, business people and movers & shakers.  They are leading programs, developing solutions and contributing to communities every day. It is difficult to join a group, committee or organization without rubbing elbows with an FLP Graduate.

FLP has been graduating motivated and committed leaders from the Flagstaff Leadership Program since 1991. Want to know more?  Click here for a full list of FLP Alumni.

Graduates of the program commit to a second year of active participation, often by joining Leadership Education Day planning committees. Many alumni continue their participation in succeeding years by volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors or helping to plan FLP events or public events sponsored by the program.

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Below are the class representatives for each of the classes. Contact us if you are an alumnus or alumna interested in representing your class on the Alumni Committee or otherwise participating in FLP activities.

1991 Cuyler Boughner
1992 Tom Boughner
1993 OPEN
1994 OPEN
1995 Kimberly Ott
1996 OPEN
1997 Jim Tuck
1998 OPEN
1999 OPEN
2000 OPEN
2001 Jane Sweigart
2002 OPEN
2003 Sybil Smith & Mark Christian
2004 Marj Lacy & Karen Malis-Clark
2005 Cindy May & Sandy Brim
2006 Benita Boyd
2007 Raquel Romero & Ande Burke
2008 Anita Burns & Brenda Hazlett
2009 Jennifer Beltz & Roli Kohl
2010 Brenda Silveus & Kathy Jenkins
2011 Phil Scandura
2012 Sara Herron

We would like to be able to keep in touch with FLP alumni. Please let us know of any changes in your contact information.